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Montag, 7. Juli 2008

my presentations

Super excited. Super exhausted as well...
Friends back home wanna know, what i´ve been doing the last year in Norway and especially in Tibet. And so i invited people for last saturday...
On Friday i started to build a presentation and concentrate on the things i would say.
Saturday at 7 the free church was filled and we need to bring some more chairs. There was more than 70 people in this little room. It was a real good experience for me again to speak a long time infront of all this people and i loved it to speak my words and my experiences into their heart and lifes. And they liked it! The whole room was filled with a big attention when i started to talk about my sickness up at the lake.
I was happy to see a lot of my old friends, friends that i haven´t met since a long time. It´s amazing to see, that good relationships dont need a lot of words to come back to this good level of being friends. I´m thankful for every single people God sent to this presentation.

And so i´m looking forward to my other presentations, which we are planing right now. If somebody is closeby, just check out and let me know;)

stay blessed wherever you are!

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