well, it seemes like i do not have a lot time. Sorry for that.

If you like, you just can look through the pics and read some "historical" events ;)

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2008

my german vacation

Well, it seemes like time is flying by and my flight is getting closer and closer. In less than 3 weeks i´m standing on norwegian ground and be away from home again.

I like to be here in the "Erzgebirge". This weekend was full of things to do and friends to meet. My best friends Lebo and Martin planed a good- by party and it was simple great. We hanged out till dusk and just had a lot of fun.

I like to meet friends. I´m so thankful for all the - sometimes random- people i met. With one i spend 2 nights this week just with talking and hanging out. One night we decided to go into this dead mine and be there just with a little candle. But it was such a blessed time to spend with this person. I missed this kind of talking. Thanks to God for creating mouth and voices.

We decided yesterday to drive the day after tomorrow to croatia and go (hard) climbing there. The weather in Germany is not that nice right now, down there it´s amazing- thats reasonable to drive thousands of kilometers. It will be great! Just to spend time with 2 great guys as well.
After this few- day trip i go to work in the sportsclub from the days before the DTS. They asked me to work and help them out for a while.

So, that should describe my life in few sentences;) I´m not able right now to find deep english words for my brain chaos. My english is getting bad, my german hasn´t improved since i´m back. Lack of language.

Montag, 7. Juli 2008

my presentations

Super excited. Super exhausted as well...
Friends back home wanna know, what i´ve been doing the last year in Norway and especially in Tibet. And so i invited people for last saturday...
On Friday i started to build a presentation and concentrate on the things i would say.
Saturday at 7 the free church was filled and we need to bring some more chairs. There was more than 70 people in this little room. It was a real good experience for me again to speak a long time infront of all this people and i loved it to speak my words and my experiences into their heart and lifes. And they liked it! The whole room was filled with a big attention when i started to talk about my sickness up at the lake.
I was happy to see a lot of my old friends, friends that i haven´t met since a long time. It´s amazing to see, that good relationships dont need a lot of words to come back to this good level of being friends. I´m thankful for every single people God sent to this presentation.

And so i´m looking forward to my other presentations, which we are planing right now. If somebody is closeby, just check out and let me know;)

stay blessed wherever you are!

pics from the last year

welcome to the english version!

Well, i´m going to hard times write in english. But after waiting almost to long, i will start to inform everybody in the out-german- world as well.

Now, you can see me, ask questions, enjoy reading my stories, watching crazy/ beautiful/ amazing pictures or just looking for news.

greets from Germany for right now. I hope, that i´m able to upload soon some pictures from the last year.

god bless You!